Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and serves to represent yourself and your work, products and companies or institutions to the public. Instagram offers different variations, such as posts, reels or stories. BURG also uses Instagram regularly, although there are a few things to keep in mind.

Credits: Nora Prinz

For what?
The BURG and almost all BURG study programmes and institutions present themselves on Instagram. The benefits of visual presentation are obvious. However, there are a few things to remember and maintain.

For whom?
Anyone who has Instagram installed on their phone can use it. A desktop version is available.

All BURG study programmes and disciplines, institutions and projects are responsible for their own account. An e-mail address, a profile name and a password are required for registration.

What to consider - in general?
Instagram is public and accessible to everyone. Therefore, always make sure that you clarify all rights to the images and videos you post beforehand and always give credits. If people are recognisable in the images, they should give their consent in advance. Be available via your account as regularly as possible and check comments and messages. It is important to answer questions and comments and to take notes from other users (e.g. errors in the caption or similar).

What to consider - attitude/tone?
Please note that with your account you represent a part of BURG. This means that posts, any comments and evaluations should be made from your subjective point of view, however, it is always a public account that also represents the BURG. You are acting as a digital representative of the BURG and represent us to the public. Of course, you are free to decide how regularly and in what way you present projects. Ideally, you should coordinate this with your course, class or project team.

How can I boost my reach?
Use hashtags and tags such as #BurgHalle. For stories and feed posts, you can link @burg_halle at any time. We are happy to share events if our editorial schedule allows it. Also tag people who are connected to your post or story so that they have the opportunity to share it.

Take over BURG Account
The official BURG account is hosted by the press office. On request, a takeover of the account can be arranged for special projects. The rules that apply here can be agreed with the press office.

Contact person:

Heidi Ballhausen
Press and Public Relations / Internet Editor
T +49 (0)345 7751-506


Personal rights or the right to one's own image
Images (e.g. photos and drawings) that clearly identify a person may only be posted with prior permission. If several people can be recognised in the picture, then the consent of each individual person is required. In case of doubt, the image may not be posted or the persons without consent must be made unrecognisable. Consent can be given or withdrawn at any time.

Copyright law applies to physical, visual, audiovisual, audio and written work. Showing the work is only allowed with the author's permission. This applies to presentations, exhibitions and process documentation, as well as objects installed in the BURG's outdoor space.

Memes are usually made by adding funny texts to third-party, copyright-protected content and distributing them on the internet. The creation and publication is subject to the limitations of copyright law and therefore generally permitted. The right to one's own image must still be observed.