Volkspark Halle

Art and design in the public domain
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About the building

The ‘Volkspark’, which was built in 1907 by a local workers’ union, is one of the largest and most important ‘Volkshäuser’ (union halls or so-called ‘people’s houses’) in central Germany. Situated high above the banks of the Saale river, it continues to shape the skyline of the city of Halle in an impressive manner to this day. The Volkspark has had an eventful history since then, and was returned to its original owner, the SPD, in 1998. Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is currently responsible for the upkeep and use of the building.

The Volkspark has a rich tradition and consists of an Art Nouveau building with two halls together with permanent stages, a large foyer, numerous side rooms, the former gym and a terrace-like garden which also features a concert area and a beer garden. The large 800 m² hall can hold up to 1,500 people, while the smaller 250 m² hall has room for 400 people. The building has been partially refurbished, and the interior decoration and fittings are simple. Rooms in the Volkspark can be rented for events.