Literaturhaus Berlin

On Oktober the 8th we spent the morning at Literaturhaus Berlin. The Exhibition “The Festival of Cooperations” takes a look at the overlapping social, political and ecological crises of the present.

It expands on this and also sets its own accents. In seven rooms spread over two floors, several aspects of cooperation are illuminated, questioned and placed in new contexts. The focus is on dialogical, institutional and civic forms of cooperation (and their failure), symbiotic and cooperative relationships between non-human living beings, and interaction with new technologies ranging from data swarms to intelligent machines.
A dialogue unfolds between artistic works-drawings, films, videos, installations, photographs, and sculptures-and scientific exhibits, between literary texts, documentary material, and naturalia.
Participating Artists and involved institutes among others were Alexander Kluge, Atelier Impopulaire, Botanisches Museum Berlin, Daniela Friebel, Franz John, Gerhard Richter, Hanna Hennenkemper, Johann Brandstetter, Jonathan Meese and Neri Oxman.


When will my smartphone fall in love with me? Will my electricity come from the moon? What secrets will we still have? These and other questions about the future greet visitors at Futurium? We were able to answer questions on
Robot people, green skyscrapers, communal economies ourselves after a guided tour through the Futurium. There are endless possibilities for thinking about the future. Three forces always play together in the Futurium exhibition: Nature, human and technology.

German Design Graduates

After our trip to Futurium we got to see the Award Ceremony of the German Design Graduates.
GDG organizes an annual exhibition that shows the attitude of today’s German design graduates to a broad and professional audience. Ambassadors from the fields of culture, practice, press and presentation award prizes & support to the graduates, that will be announced in the awards ceremony during the exhibition opening.

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Literaturhaus Berlin
German Design Graduates
text:Stefanie Putsch
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