HKI / Hans-Knöll-Institut

Our second trip to Jena started with a lecture on symbioses and fungi in general as well as on the specific relationship between Termitomyces and fungus-growing termite species. Who houses whom in this mutualistic system is just one of the few complex questions the students had for Prof. Dr. Christine Beemelmanns.

Exhibtion at Trafo: Künstlerische Tatsachen

After a short walk, accompanied by Enrique Torres, through the old town of Jena, he guided us through the exhibition and the results of the residency “Künstlerische Tatsachen” at the Trafo, an innovation laboratory for contemporary art forms and new media.

Thanks to:

Prof. Dr. Christine Beemelmanns from HKI
Enrique Torres from Trafo
project:mutual affairs