Our second visit to Berlin was filled with more input we gained through Museums and their exhibitions, from designers and their work life, universities and their design studies and other associations that are specified on mycelium.

Felix Kraemer

Our first stop was in Felix Kraemers Studio. Felix is a Berlin based designer and researcher, specialized in developing hardware prototypes and industrial design solutions for scientific purposes. In his work he seeks to leverage the dynamics of the natural environment using robotics, rapid prototyping and novel fabrication technologies.


After that we went to the TU Berlin to listen to Bastian Schubert tell us a bit about his work at Fungtion. Fungtion is a Berlin based Bio-Tech start-up, that is working on integrating mycelium composites into our daily lives to create a greener tomorrow. The product that stuck out the most was their current project to create an alternative to the current polystyrene shells in regular bicycle, skiing, skating or horse riding helmets. We got to get a short glimpse into their lab and ask questions on their technology. We were all very eager to know more about their products and research results.


Alessandro from TopLab had already visited us at Burg to do the workshop with us. Therefore we were even more excited to see where he worked with his colleges at TopLab. Arndt Pechstein visited us there too and listened to our presentations on Symbiosis.

Stretching Materialities

The show at Veterinary Anatomy Theater was curated by multidisciplinary scientists and designers. With knowledge from the research of “Matters of Activity”, an interactive laboratory space has been created here that allows completely unexpected insights into thinking about matter – and makes tangible how active the world around us really is.


Later that day we visited Johann Bauerfeind at Solaga who showed us the work they were doing at their Institute and how they are making ecological air filters and green design out of living algae.

Thanks to:

Felix Kraemer
Bastian Schubert from Fungtion
Alessandro Volpato from TOP Lab
Clemens WInkler from Matters of Activity
Johann Bauerfeind from Solaga
Arndt Pechstein from phi360
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