Wolfsburg – 30.03.2015

Phæno is an experimental space in the Science Center in Wolfsburg, which was designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. More than 350 interactive experimental stations (of which around 40 are designed by artists) enable visitors to experience science and technology with different senses. The approximately 9000 square metre exhibition is subdivided according to the key themes of “Life, Vision, Energy, Dynamics, Sense, Math”. Changing special exhibitions complement these themes. During our visit, we had a guide, who showed us some phenomena and briefly explained the exhibition. In the “Energy” section we were asked to hold hands and form a circle in front of one of the experimental set-ups. Two of us placed their hands on electrical contacts and the current was slowly increased. So here we became a circuit and could all feel the “tingling” in our fingers. From here on, everyone could find their own way through the exhibition and marvel at the phenomena and try them out. From the most diverse optical, magnetic and electrical, to air and fire phenomena, there is a huge selection of stations to discover. The big attractions were the 6m high fire tornado, the witch’s house and a magnetic levitation train that worked by the interaction of magnets and liquid nitrogen.

text: Franz Rother