The design duo Mischer’Traxler from Vienna, whose work ‘the idea of a tree’ we already knew from the introductory lecture, visited us for a ‘jour fixe’. The next day we had a morning to discuss their projects in more detail and to ask questions.
They gave us an insight into their working process by showing us some examples that work via programming as well as mechanics or kinetics. Many of their works fit under the title ‘Apparatuses’. They also offered us inspiration for the implementation or visualization of ideas and manufacturing processes through apparatuses.

One example of their work they explained is ‘collective works’, a machine that only produces when it is watched. This means that each end product is influenced by what happens during its production.
Mischer’Traxler themselves write about their work: ‘By using their outcomes as well as a mean of communication, the studio tries to show that design can be functional, good and beautiful not just in objects but as well in the ideas they represent.

Thanks to mischer’traxler studio

text: Isabel Apel