a balancing act between sound and movement

Our aim to create a balancing act between sound and movement led us to the idea of bringing two different bronze bodies into a harmonious interplay.

For this purpose, we cold formed a three meter long stainless steel round bar into a symmetrical shape. We cast our positive models for the sounding bodies in plaster, so that we could then mould them in a dry state using oil sand and finally cast them in bronze. To be able to place the two sounding bodies at the ends of the rod as bells, we have sharpened the two ends of the rod and deepened the point of contact in the sounding body with a center punch. In order to balance the entire construction and to be able to set it in a rotating motion, we have adjusted the point of balance and had a stainless steel pin welded on. This pin can now rest on a ground and polished plexiglass cube as the anchor point of the supporting construction and allow the player and listener a dynamic sound experience.


Anna Zender
& Ina Gercke