the sound of hoovering various objects

The bright sound when sucking up a Lego particle that has been left lying around by chance while vacuuming the children’s room is probably familiar to everyone. Can this sound not be developed further? Couldn’t we develop a vacuum cleaner attachment that would turn cleaning up into a true sound experience and turn annoying small objects into a valuable part of a whole symphony of sound? Wouldn’t it be utopia par excellence if children themselves were about to free their own room from toys lying on the floor? Our design embodies all these ideas and has been further developed in its implementation. Due to the specific shape of the vacuum cleaner nozzle, the vacuumed object has the chance to bump into as many resonating bodies as possible. On the other hand, after briefly adjusting the suction power, a steady state of rotation and floating can be implied. Dried chickpeas and small glass marbles are particularly suitable for this.

Finally order has a sound!


Karl Schninkel, Max Pflugk
& Benjamin Neubauer