the surprising sound of the BURG

Our sound installation is meant to surprise and to give those who use it a sound experience that is fascinating and raises questions. The box is completely closed and you cannot see what is going on inside. From the outside, only the wooden front with a perforated structure is visible, allowing the sound to escape to the outside. For presentation purposes, we replaced the wooden cladding with a plexiglass pane. The bronze objects are freely supported in the box by nylon threads and can thus be set in vibration. This is done by compressing the spring with the handle on the underside of the box and then suddenly releasing it, the objects are thrown upwards and collide with the bronze parts. Depending on which objects are filled into the wooden box, different sounds are produced. No two sounds will be the same, because the objects always collide with the sound bodies in a different way.
The bronze forms are oriented to the logo of the BURG.


Sophie-Charlotte Bolinski
& Felix Cordes