the human xylophone

‘Hand & Foot’ is a sound object of a very individual kind. This instrument is inspired by the well-known xylophone and is therefore also a percussion idiophone. This means that it is a metal percussion instrument.

It consists of three bronze percussion bars and is played with a beech wood stick. But the human xylophone is no ordinary percussion instrument.

We wanted to give the project a very personal touch, so we asked ourselves how we could acoustically reflect our working group, for example. In order to realize the idea of a personalized sound, we made use of the methods of sand casting and model making.

In the end, we cast parts of the body in order to obtain very different and individual sound bodies. Toe and fingers decorate the impact bars of our object and have a decisive influence on tone and timbre.

In the end we got a three-tone that the world has never heard before. A three-tone based on the proportions of our fellow students.      

student:Anton Grabolle & Fridolin Richter