bacteria produce minerals

The first microbes project is focused on biomineralisation, meaning organisms that are able to create minerals. The main difference and also advantage of biomineralisation, in comparison to the geological and technical way of producing minerals, is that neither high temperature nor pressure are necessary. Also, biominerals grow into well-defined structures and composites with extreme properties. On the other hand, completely new challenges arise from working with living organisms and the concept of growth. We conducted explorative experiments with the bacterium Bacillus pasteurii, which produces calcium carbonate, to answer questions such as: How can we make use of their adaptability, resilience, and their fast reproduction? Which processes and products can be realized at the present time? What consequences will microbial production have on consumer-interaction in the future?
New methods were developed, new applications created.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Dawei Yang
Karl Schikora
level:higher BA and Master