BioArtLaboratories EINDHOVEN

excursion to Eindhoven

The BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven are a melting pot of disciplines where entrepreneurs, artists, designers and scientists are working and researching together. It offers a world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. Together they form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based society which provides ample room for thinking and creating humans.The Lab offers an inspiring environment to experiment and to develop new ideas. BioArt Laboratories encourages innovation and facilitates entrepreneurship leading to new bio-materials, start-ups and crossover talents. Jalila Essaïdi (pioneer, artist and entrepreneur, developed a bulletproof skin based on spider silk) founded the BioArt Laboratories in 2011. In 2012 it established physical foothold in Eindhoven. At the moment the team consists of 30 people all of them with different backgrounds and expertises. BioArt Laboratories keep growing rapidly. The lab is reliant on financial supporting, voluntary work or the crowd founding / sharing community, because it is a non-profit organization. Different sponsorships at different projects are common, too. There is always opportunity for young ambitious people to work together with the Lab. It’s possible to do an internship or different projects and being supported by scientists and artists with their knowledge and the lab’s facilities. This year’s exhibition of the BioArtLab at the Dutch Design Week 2016 is called “The Essence of Things”. All shown projects were created in the Lab or in collaboration with it. Further informations to the projects are added to the pictures. 

Special Thanks to Bettina Graupe for introducing us to the BioArt Lab and guiding us through the projects! 

the exhibited projects in detail:

The Essence of Crystals by Isaac Monte. The objects are the result of a natural crystallization of minerals and the designer’s influence, for example onmolds, given space, time and repetition of the process.

Essence of Rain by Arushi Agrawal. What does the word “rain” mean to us? The project deals with the different appearances of rain, especially the different smells on different ground at different locations.

Essence of Time. This project deals with different steps of decomposition of plastic and how we can use it, in and after these steps.

Mestic. Jalila Essaïdi used manure to create new sustainable raw materials and shows that even this vile material is inherently useful.

The Essence of Flow. Manipulated soap films by Simon Raffy. With this installation Raffy visualizes hydrodynamic processes. It is imaginable to use soap film and bubble surfaces to control chemical reactions.

The Essence of Sound. In this project were cassette tapes dissolved in acetone and transformed into powder to create a similar solution to ferrofluids. This solution is set into motion by a sound controlled magnet.

The Essence of Transience. Preservation & Decay. Inspired by the earthquake in the Italian region Friuli in 1976, Margherita Pevere investigates the erosive power of time and nature on individual memory. Natural forces are changing, transforming and destroying things on earth. Even the documentaries of natural phenomenons like earthquakes are influenced by the earthquake itself. Recordings and in this case pictures or movies are changing their appearance.

The Essence of Fish. Hidden Beauty in the gills of fish by Mandy den Elzen. Dried and dissected gills of different fishes reveal the beauty in this natural constructions. Impressions like grown flowers can be comprehended.

The Essence of Ceramics. Vegan Bone China. Instead of using animal bones Marloes van Bennekom created ‘Bone’ china from waste by using the same method of biomineralization we use in our project.