an etching method for bacterial stone

Marmelstein is based on biomineralised bricks made by the company bioMASON. We decided to augment their idea by hollowing out useful shapes within the bricks, to provide them with added functionality and to differentiate them from normal building bricks. We developed a processing tool to create undercuts and organic shapes inside the brick. We can imagine applications such as mounting options, fixing possibilities and cavities to store small objects. For this purpose, we used the technique of decomposing the limestone by using acetic acid. By etching, it is possible to create shapes that could not be formed by drilling, milling or moulding. Acid is inserted through a small hole and then guided by specific movements to produce inner shapes. We can also imagine a user-friendly application with an acid-patch which releases the etching substance when attached to a brick. The benefit of Marmelstein would be customized manufacturing by an easy processing method. As examples for useful applications of the etching method, we worked on a flexible rack system and an integrated wall hook.


Paulina Gellert
& Anna Herbert
project:microbes I