About the disassembly of everyday objects and their RE-materialisation

We disassembled everyday objects. Our focus was on the material. What material/s are they made of and why? Can they be repaired or recycled? 
After disassembling and consciously staging the components photographically, we redesigned and reinterpreted the products – the same function but perhaps with a different functionality. As a first target, we focused on the use of only one material. To do this, we visited a plastics and recycling institute. The mono-material objects aimed at optimal recyclability. We experimented with different properties that a thermoplastic can take on. These include flexibility, stiffness, haptics, surfaces, sound, connections…. In the casting and laminating workshop, we put the designs into practice in teams of two and tried them out.
Finally, we went even further: we dematerialised the product. We designed situations, contexts, scenarios and services that do without material. The experiment was principle.
We presented the disassembled, the mono-materialised and the dematerialised results in an exhibition.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Andreas Wagner
level:1st year BA (short project)