Pressing instead of turning

Salt mills are made of many different materials, mostly wood, plastic, metal and ceramic. With the help of a bearing-supported grinder, the contents are crushed and fall out on the underside.
For our re-materialisation of the mill into a mono material, we understood the grinding and mortar function as a tool, so that our final version follows the aesthetics of a pair of pliers. The object, cast in two parts (in PUR plastic in the model), crushes the salt placed in the shovel with the help of a mortar. The tongs were cast in different colour combinations, which can be recombined with each other.

Filled Store 

Our objective was not only to dematerialise the tool itself, but also to find a way to eliminate the often needless packaging. 
Fictitiously, we addressed the local zero waste shop “Abgefüllt”. The concept is a symbiosis of the basic unpacked shop philosophy and the claim to construct a salt mill that is accessible to the general public and that meets individual requirements in terms of quantity or degree of granulation. 
The result is a graphic that shows the function of a possible salt dispenser and draws the customer’s attention to the possibility of purchasing salt in the zero waste shop.


Richard Bassek
& Paul Matteo Wesser