Mobile phone case with fold-out holder

When designing the mobile phone stand, it was particularly important to us to produce as few separate parts as possible in order to have fewer parts that would have to be disposed of later. 
Since every smartphone needs a case anyway to be well protected, we decided to integrate the tripod directly into the case. 
This way, the smartphone can be positioned both horizontally and vertically in any situation to keep your hands free. For this purpose, two holders can be folded out of the mobile phone case, which provide a stable stand for the smartphone. The shape of the fold-out parts can be customised according to taste.


Here are a few suggestions on how to build a mobile phone tripod easily and with things you usually have around.

Variation 1
Material: 2 household rubber bands, 1 empty glass bottle, 1 folding ruler
Fold out the outer two links of the folding ruler upwards
and the inner links downwards. Attach your smartphone
with the two rubber bands on the two outer links. Now insert the other end of the folding ruler into the empty bottle.

Variation 2
Material: 1 foldback clamp, 1 hammer, 1 nail
Fix the nail to your wall with the hammer. Now clamp your smartphone in the clamp. Now you can hang the clamp on the nail.

Variation 3
Material: 1 piece of paper, 2 magnets, 1 metallic surface
Hold your mobile phone on the magnetic surface. Place the piece of
paper over it so that it overlaps at both ends. Now use the two magnets to attach the paper to the metallic surface.

Emili Blum & Desiree Bach