survival of the fittest

If you reduce a compass to its essentials, you only need one bearing and one needle. Based on this, we designed the compass to be practical and suitable for everyday use. 

The criteria for this were light weight, appealing aesthetics and unrestricted functionality. Water is everywhere, so the decision was quickly made to design a water-based compass.

The Mono-Pol was born. The metal needle as a fashionable eye-catcher and compass needle in one. The ring becomes a floating body. The assembled piece is placed on calm water and points to the north. Not only good for survival, but also chic.

Compass in the head

An original compass works because of a natural phenomenon, the earth’s magnetic field. In trying to dematerialise a compass, we have been left with precisely these natural phenomena: Nature orients itself in many ways, indeed almost in everything, to the cardinal points of the earth. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Plants orient themselves to it, migratory birds fly from south to north and vice versa… 
If every person had this knowledge, would there still be a need for a compass?

Merle Nau & Emil Frederking