electronic, autarkic products – printed like a newspaper

Organic electronics are especially interesting for industrial designers since their new possibilities will not just change the products but also their handling, interaction and service completely.
Visiting several companies and institutes around Halle was the starting point of this project. Having gained an insight in the current developments but also in the developments to be expected within the next years, the students were asked to develop and design ultra-lightweight, energy-autarkic, mobile and forward-looking products which make use of printed, organic electronics in their broadest sense.
Hereby questions arose, like: does a cheap technology like printing necessarily produce cheap disposables or how do printed high-end products look like? Can a flexible substrate like paper or foil with organic electronics be shaped with traditional methods and what is the result of that contrast? How does the user interact with flexible electronics? What if printed organic electronics are recyclable or bio-degradable? How do products function and look like that are custom-printed?

supported by:Prof. Mareike Gast
level:higher BA and Master