Frankfurt – 29.06.2011

The the project was conducted in close collaboration and exchange with several research partners, such as Prof. Baumann from TU Chemnitz, the organic solar cell start-up Heliatek, the Fraunhofer IPMS, the star-up printechnologics as well as the OLED company Novaled, which we all visited at the start of the semester.

As a result of these cooperations we got the chance to present the students’ work in a poster session at the LOPE-C in Frankfurt, the fair for printed electronics. This experience was very unique for all of us and the visitors. First of all, because our results were of course less scientific than expected in an ordinary poster session. However, after a short irritation the results were taken in extremely positively.

Later on the results were additionally presented on the printing future days, which are part of the conference iarigai and the Designers’ Open in Leipzig.

view posters presented during poster session:

polytronics poster session