Beuro mobile is a system, that trains the attention for perception of personal body signals. I designed it especially as self-backup-system for epileptic patients.
It is based on medical scientific expertise of biofeedback respective to the measure of electromagnetic brain waves (neurofeedback). Because of the surface minimum of printed electronics, medical technology becomes more „transparent“ and „flexible“ and for that reason more accessible for patients. The inconspicuousness of just seven adhesive electrodes as well as the printed mini computer make neuro mobile to a long-term EEG which can be worn almost everywhere during weeks. The patient controls self-contained his therapy. People with neuronal disorders whose lives often are constricted can reach more autonomy. An epileptic person will become aware of situations and feelings which evokes seizures and can indirectly take influence by regulating himself through trained body and concentration measures. The person does not need to expose himself like when using other forms of medication or even invasive-operative changes. He can learn to react.

7 transparent printed silver-silverchlorid electrodes are required to register currents of the electric brain activity. The frequency will be amplified and sent via antenna from the electrodes to a mini-display, printed on a flexible foil wristband. Over days and weeks the patient can identify own internal incidents by visual demonstration on his wristband, until he does not need this help anymore, because by the time he will get better in understanding his body signals.
Neuro mobile is a low power system. The electrodes are operating by thermoelectric generators.

student:Katharina Karras