The e-cocoon gives the air passenger more privacy and entertainment in one. It consists of two parts: one attached to the front seat, one behind the head rest. Both parts are made out of foil which can be folded. The folding pattern provides stability and geometrical flexibility. Therefore the shape can be managed according to the passenger‘s requirements. Small magnets support the back-folding so that the sheets can be hidden again. the longer part can be pulled up from the seat in front of you and includes a printed interactive OLED display. The display fields get activated by sensors when you flatten the square modules of the folding structure. Displays can be combined once you connect your entertainment foil to that of your neighbour’s. During long flights the semitransparent hood which belongs to each passenger creates a private space and encapsulates you from the crowded surroundings. This can be pulled out from behind your head rest.

student:Rebekka Volz