Electronic stickers with integrated functions can be used on different levels. Wouldn’t it be interesting, if they would speak to us in the shape of a plant und tell us something about our living environment? Solar cells, rechargeable batteries and OLEDs designed as leaves to stick, would be able to band together with each in a playful way.

A sensor transforms the plant into a mirror of the surrounding environment. temperature, humidity, ultraviolet rays, noise or pollutants are perceived by the plant. Connectivity can thus be found as a result of this experiment. According to desire and mood, the „gardener“ can attach his plant at a place of his choice. The simple modular system allows the creation of small useful plants, like a temperature dispatch rider or a plant which warns about pollutants. In time the user can interpret his plants and extend function and form according to his imagination.

A virtual evolution is set in motion. the habitat of the artificial plants are walls, windows, furniture. Almost every surface can be used to be pasted up with leaves. And where concrete and walls form an urban jungle space and leave no place for the nature, electronic gardens can draw the attention to our bond with the world surrounding us. Electronic gardens contextualize in a playful way the interaction of cause and effect. they are also a statement for sustainability and can pique our curiosity to observe and question our environment.

student:Magdalena Groth