Wintersession 2017: Material Driven Design Workshop

by 23. January 2017

Elvin Karana (introduction video) and Valentina Rognoli will be collaborating with MAKE. and bringing useful methods to create meaningful products, installations or sculptures with materials as point of departure. This Material Driven Design Workshop (13.-15.02.2017) takes place at the upcoming Wintersession 2017. For more information and registrations, please see: Burg gestaltet!

Ausstellung: „Trees of Trash“ bis 01.01.2017 im GRASSI Museum in Leipzig

· by 8. December 2016

Am Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016 um 11 Uhr wird die Ausstellung „Trees of Trash“ von Dr. Olaf Thormann, Direktor des GRASSI Museums für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig, und Prof. Aart van Bezooijen eröffnet. Direkt im Anschluss können Museumsbesucher die individuell aus Restmaterialien gestalteten Weihnachtsbäume durch Spenden erwerben.
Mehr Informationen zur Ausstellung unter:



Trees of Trash – An Artistic Approach to Christmas

· by 22. November 2016


Unconventional Christmas trees made in BURG supporting a good cause.
This is an open call for all BURG students and staff until 05.12.2016
Read more about the “Trees of Trash” project and upcoming exhibition at the Grassimuseum at:

Dutch Design Trash for Reuse

· by 17. October 2016

Dutch Design Trash

What you see here is actually our trash. At last year’s Dutch Design Week (DDW) some 250.000 visitors generated a lot of waste! Such as thousands of wristband leftovers (used for entry tickets). These colorful / wonderful wristbands are made of polyester and can be transformed in many ways (by weaving, melting, shredding, felting, sewing, joining, etc.) into something new…

If you have an idea to reuse these wristbands in mind (?) please sketch your idea and send it to make(at)

For the third time, BURG is exhibiting in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week (from 22 – 30 October). This year‘s exhibition 9 Days of Making is part of the Burg Roadshow program and with a focus on materials and making.


Herbstsession 2016 – Free places available. Register now!

· by 12. September 2016

Enjoyed the summer? Ready to start something new?

MAKE. still has a few free places for the following workshops:

Workshop:SPOTLIGHTS – Interaktive Lichtinstallationen im öffentlichen Raum”
> more information and registrations

Workshop:Messen, Schneiden, Biegen – Grundkurs handwerkliches Arbeiten in der Werkstatt Pavel Majrych”
> more information and registrations

3D Printing Exhibition from 14 – 16 June in Erfurt

· by 8. June 2016

The Rapid.Tech and FabCon 3.D exhibitions are coming up in Erfurt (around the corner). Some 160 exhibitors (see all exhibitors here) from Europe and overseas will present to whole range of products, innovations and trends on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

The world of 3d printing is not only about cables and wires… if you want to get a preview of what is happening in Erfurt, watch this 3d printing performance video (above) by the co-laborativ people.

Material of the Month: Concrete Canvas

· by 20. May 2016

Enjoy the video and read all about the Material of the Month: Concrete Canvas at

Material Snack: 3D Metal Print

· by 17. May 2016

Plakat 3D Metall
Read all about the very first Material Snack at the Burg Material collection.

International Competition on Material Effects

· by 16. May 2016

MATERIAL EFFECTS is the theme of the 6th International Marianne Brandt Contest.

Young (under the age of 40) designers and photographers are invited to participate with submissions in the three categories: Product Design (e.g. using new materials), Photography (e.g. material obervations) and/or Experimental Design (e.g. material experiments).

Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2016.

For more information and registrations please visit

Workshop: XYZ Cargo Vehicles

· by 10. May 2016


MAKE. is inviting BURG students to participate in an open source workshop (supported by N55) in Hamburg. You can read more about the XYZ CARGO VEHICLES at For more information and registrations see: