Precious Plastic x Burg

by 2. January 2021
Photo: Arne Mross

Platform MAKE. initiated and facilitated the building process of a shredder, injection molding and extrusion machine with a dozen art and design students during the Wintersession in 2018. Since then these machines have been used in educational projects and workshops creating awareness for the reuse and up-cycling of valuable plastic materials. Dedicated students and workshop technicians have been involved to create and upgrade this self-made recycling factory.


“Precious Plastic x Burg” 02/2018 – at

“Lecture: Precious Plastic by Katharina Elleke” 02/2018 – at

“Rückblick auf die Wintersession 02/2018” – at

“Einsteins Spürnase – Ein transdisziplinärer Forschungstag zu Smart Materials” 02/2018 – at

“Die 1. Mini Maker Faire in Bildern” 07/2018 – at

“Trash Jam Session” 11/2018 – at

“Landkarte sozialer Innovationen im Land” since 2018 – at

“Plastic Recycling Community” since 2018 – at


Get involved? – Please write us at make(at)

Internship: From Pollution to Product

· by 31. July 2020
Photo: The Ocean Cleanup

Few years ago, we supported The Ocean Cleanup crowdfunding campaign hoping this project would get the necessary critical mass in making a positive change. Today, this small initiative has become a big non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

But what will we make with the recovered plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? When we read about this call for interns titled “From Pollution to Product” we considered this worth sharing with you environmental minded makers, re-users and up-cyclers at the BURG.

“We are looking for an intern who can provide us with hands-on support as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

In short, if this is your kind of challenge and you are ready to do some creative work in Rotterdam (NL) for a few months: Read More Here / Apply Here Now.

Tips: Trash Jam Session, Plastics Recycling Workshop in Leipzig

· by 22. November 2018


Ever since we started building Dave Hakkens recycling machines (see Wintersession 2018) with a dozen art and design students, Ludwig Stadler has been one of the driving forces in keeping these machines going.

In the context of the New Urban Production (Neue Urbane Produktion) exhibition at HALLE 14, Ludwig and friends will be offering a two-day recycling workshop focused on collecting, sorting, shredding and melting wasted plastics into new application ideas. For those who always wanted to get started with do-it-yourself plastics recycling, join the team!

0f1f44f687Trash Jam Session Workshop
Date: Fri 30 Nov and Sat 01 Dec 2018 from 11.00 – 18.00
Location: HALLE 14, Spinnereistr. 7, Leipzig
Participation fee: 20€
Registration: please email ludwig.stadler (at)
More information:

Update: Precious Plastic @ BURG

· by 17. February 2018

preciousplastic_germany_burg_halle_community(Photo: Precious Plastic Community Map)

Dear all, after an intensive workshop week (see Instagram Takeover) with a dozen skilled art and design students, MAKE. is happy to announce that some first experiments with a fully functional Injection Molder took place. The Extrusion and Shredder machines are nearly finished and will be available soon. Many thanks to all participants and supporters for helping us in making this real!

Workshop participants and helpers:
Radha Diaz Hublitz, Kyoungmi Ryou, Benjamin Volk, Sophie Kurzer, Fritz Rahne, Tony Beyer, Alexander Rex, Bernhard Elsässer, Max Gruber, Sandro Wiegand, Ludwig Stadler, Moritz Wussow, Jasmin Zehe, Jakob Klug, Johannes Schellenberg, Nora Kühnhausen, Paula Raché, Pavel Majrych, Hartmut Hermann, Jörg Hansel, Tareq Alghamian, Michael Krenz, Lorenz Ebersbach, Aart van Bezooijen (in random order).

PS: Do keep collecting precious plastics (we love clean PET, PE, PP, ABS and PLA scrap) for the upcoming summer semester.

Lecture: Precious Plastic by Katharina Elleke

· by 6. February 2018


Workshop: Precious Plastic Factory @ BURG

· by 10. January 2018

Dear all, we are super-excited about the upcoming Wintersession! – Why? We are getting serious in creating our own Plastic Recycling Factory. This project will be part of the Precious Plastic initiative started earlier by Dave Hakkens (see video), a Dutch designer who turns wasted plastics into a global network of serious recyclers. If you want to join the team and start your own first plastic experiments – then read more here and apply at make(at)burg-halle(dot)de

PS: Also make sure you save the date for the lecture on 13.2.2018 by Katharina Elleke from the Precious Plastic team in Germany (read more).
precious_plastic_make_workshop_burghalle(Photo: Precious Plastic Machines – Dave Hakkens)