Material of the Month: Stone Paper

by 13. April 2017

Our first animated (and waterproof) GIF made of Stone Paper

Stone Paper
Stone Paper is considered a new generation paper being an alternative to traditional papers and plastics. Stone Paper does not contain wood fibers and is almost fully made of stone (Calcium carbonate) mixed with Polyethylene (HDPE). The material is 100% waterproof and is not affected by liquids such as water or oils. Stone Paper is manufactured out of waste and recycled materials and is Cradle-to-Cradle (Silver) certified.

Get your own piece of Stone Paper as long as our stock lasts!
– Location: Burg Material collection (Neuwerk 7, Library, 1st floor)
– Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14:00 – 18:00
– Online calendar:

Dutch Design Trash for Reuse

· by 17. October 2016

Dutch Design Trash

What you see here is actually our trash. At last year’s Dutch Design Week (DDW) some 250.000 visitors generated a lot of waste! Such as thousands of wristband leftovers (used for entry tickets). These colorful / wonderful wristbands are made of polyester and can be transformed in many ways (by weaving, melting, shredding, felting, sewing, joining, etc.) into something new…

If you have an idea to reuse these wristbands in mind (?) please sketch your idea and send it to make(at)

For the third time, BURG is exhibiting in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week (from 22 – 30 October). This year‘s exhibition 9 Days of Making is part of the Burg Roadshow program and with a focus on materials and making.


Material of the Month: Concrete Canvas

· by 20. May 2016

Enjoy the video and read all about the Material of the Month: Concrete Canvas at

Material of the Month: Used Truck Tarps

· by 25. November 2015

Used truck tarps are too good to be wasted. This PVC-based material is made to last and can be transformed into almost anything by punching, sewing, cutting, weaving, heat-welding and more. MAKE. invites you to give this material a second life! Used tarp sheets are freely available for BURG students as long as our stock lasts. Supported by: FREITAG

Material Distribution:
– When: Wednesday 2.12.2015 from 14:00
– Where: BURG MATERIAL (Mediathek, 1st floor)

Material of the Month is an ongoing project where MAKE. provides a selected material for student projects. The material is freely available for all BURG students as long as our stock lasts. The only condition for participation is to return a visual documentation, so we can share the ideas and experiments that have been done with the sponsored material.

“Beam Me Up” zum letzten Material Slam am 3. Juni im Volkspark Halle

· by 28. May 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at or join the event on Facebook.
Missed the first round? See some impressions of the first and second Material Slam.

PS For those who want to participate at the final material slam, please send a short email with your name(s) to: make(at)

„Torte statt Worte“ zum 2. Material Slam am 13. Mai im Volkspark Halle

· by 6. May 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at or follow the event on Facebook.
Missed the first round? You can still check out the photos here.

Material Slam 1: Wednesday, April 29 at Volkspark Halle

· by 22. April 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at or follow the event on Facebook.

Material of the Month: Salt

· by 24. October 2014

Salt is a mineral substance made of NaCl molecules, representing equal proportions of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). We invite you to explore the essence and qualities of this “White Gold” such as changing taste, absorbing water, growing crystals, rusting iron and more – what would you do with it? Salt (as powder salt, salt blocks or salt water) is freely available for all students as long as our stock lasts.

Material Distribution
– Date and Time: from 30.10. to 5.11.2014 (leave your name, serve yourself)
– Location: The “Salt Lab” at the volksparksalon (Burg Gallery).

Material of the Month: Polycaprolactone

· by 29. June 2014

Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable polyester being sold unter various tradenames such as “Protoplast”, “InstaMorph”, “ShapeLock”, PolyMorph”, “Plaast”, etc. The material feels like a tough, nylon-like plastic and melts to a putty-like consistence at only 60 degrees, easily achieved with hot water or air. It sticks to many other plastics and is famous in the hobbyist market for small scale modeling, part fabrication, repairing or rapid prototyping.

MAKE. presents Polycaprolactone in July 2014. Sample packs are freely available for all BURG students as long as our stock lasts.

Material Distribution Date

– When: Tuesday 01.07.2014, after the Jour Fixe: Michel van Dartel which starts at 19:00
– Where: Neuwerk 7, Villa, Room 103/104

Lecture by Pinar Yoldas: “An Ecosystem of Excess”

· by 23. June 2014

Poster Lecture Pinar Yoldas 25.6 S

Artist and researcher Pinar Yoldas is invited by the GROW Art/Science platform to lecture* about her vision of an extreme, man-made environment of the future. Through a change in perspective, shoe points out the dangers caused by the plastics polluting the oceans while also creating a unique future scenario. “An Ecosystem of Excess”, this Wednesday 18:00 at the Institute for Chemistry (MLU).

* With an exhibition of student experiments with Beeswax (Material of the Month), and a preview at something new…