Vortrag: Performance as Experiment

Marilyn Arsem
Do, 01.12.2016
16.30 Uhr
Campus Design, Neuwerk 7, Dachsaal Raum 208

Foto: Chelsea Coon

Diese Veranstaltung findet mit Unterstützung der Kunstpädagogik statt.

Der Vortrag ist hochschuloffen und findet auf Englisch statt.


From the beginning of my practice as an artist, I have been concerned with the unique properties of live performance - the possibility of direct interaction between performer and viewer, and the opportunity to activate all the senses, including taste, touch and smell. I often implicate the audience directly in the concerns of the work, using different strategies to design a distinct role for the viewers so that their experience parallels my own, and is both visceral and intellectual. I am committed to a practice where an exchange between people is of primary value. It is a practice that remains anchored in the here and now, keeping me grounded in the limits of my body and the reality of time, reminding me always that nothing remains. 

Thematically, my work has ranged from a feminist deconstruction of images of traditional women’s work, to performances concerning the Cold War, to the impact of US imperialism in countries throughout the world, to works about environmental issues concerning water resources. However, the topic to which I have continually returned over the years has been our understanding of time, its passing, and mortality. For the past twenty years, site-responsive works have been a focus in my artistic practice.

Text: Marilyn Arsem


Marilyn Arsem has been creating live events since 1975, from solo gallery performances to large-scale, site-specific works. Arsem has presented work in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She recently completed a 100 day performance at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is a member (and founder) of Mobius, Inc., a Boston-based collaborative of interdisciplinary artists. She taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for 27 years, establishing one of the most extensive programs internationally in visually-based performance art.




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