Burg Giebichenstein Staff Council

Welcome to the webinfo of the Staff Council of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. Here you will find an overview of what the Staff Council does, who it represents and how or where you can contact the Staff Council.

The Staff Council is newly elected every five years and is currently composed of seven members. The work of the Staff Council is regulated by the Saxony-Anhalt State Staff Representation Act (PersVG LSA) in the version published on March 16, 2004. All employed members of the university, including all student employees, can get advice by the Staff Council. We monitor compliance with collective bargaining agreements, laws and service agreements and can represent you in this context vis-à-vis the university management, the immediate management staff and colleagues.

If there are conflicts, questions, hints or suggestions - we are happy to advise, help and support you! All discussions are confidential and are subject to the obligation of secrecy in accordance with §10 of the Saxony-Anhalt State Personnel Representation Act.

Since we do the work of the staff council in addition to our actual work here at the company, there are no fixed office hours. However, you can visit us at any time at our personal workplaces or contact us by email pr(at)  burg-halle.  de. We will answer all your inquiries and messages as soon as possible.

In order to exercise the rights of employees, the legislator has given the staff councils certain rights of co-determination, participation and consultation in the State Staff Representation Act.
The most important tasks of the staff council include monitoring:

  • of the applicable laws and ordinances,
  • collective bargaining agreements,
  • service agreements and other provisions that grant employees rights, as well as
  • receiving and forwarding suggestions and complaints from employees.

In addition, the Staff Council has co-determination, participation and consultation rights with respect to numerous measures taken by the department:

  • Hiring and grouping
  • Not only temporary transfer of an activity that corresponds to the job characteristics of a higher or lower remuneration or wage group
  • Groupings
  • Transfers
  • Reassignments
  • Terminations
  • Amendment of the employment contract
  • Ancillary agreements to the employment contract
  • Refusal or revocation of secondary employment
  • Continued employment beyond the age limit
  • Planning, design and modification of workplaces and work organization
  • Determination of work content and scope of work
  • Modification of job descriptions
  • Working time regulations
  • Establishment of vacation schedules (determination of the timing of recreational leave if no agreement is reached between the parties involved)
  • Measures for the prevention of service and work accidents, occupational diseases and other damage to health


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Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
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T +49(0)345 7751-921
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