Plant pot made from bladderwrack

In addition to growing pots made of coconut fibres and other natural materials, we are creating a new concept for plant pots made of bladderwrack. This type of algae naturally contains many valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium or potassium, which are ideal for growing soil plants. So when the seedling is big enough, it can be planted together with the “pot” and it will have dissolved after 5-6 weeks. We call for a redesign of classical gardening, a deeper look at the spreading of plant fertilisers and the use of natural fertilisers.

Integrated gardening
In a world of algae, the pot is the algae and the algae is the pot – as fertiliser. Growing any plant no longer needs a separate fertiliser because the seedling is already fertilised by the pot it is planted in. Even on the windowsill, this pot remains stable for several weeks before it decomposes. In the soil, it dissolves without leaving any residue and, decomposed, makes its way into the cycle of things: back to the sea – beyond the sea.

student:Chris Kloß & Daniel Sauter
project:beyond the sea