Pressed seaweed glasses frame

Every year, many tonnes of seaweed are stranded on the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas and have to be disposed off at great expense. The seaweed neither serves as a source of energy nor can it be composted. Pressed into sheets, however, it is an attractive material that can be made into spectacle frames, for example. The Wayfarer model by Ray Ban has been covered thousands of times and has become a symbol for fast fashion and disposable products. By changing the material to seaweed, these glasses can be safely left behind at festivals or on the beach. 

Natural material instead of plastic
In a time dominated by fast fashion and disposable products, the materiality of the products we produce and consume must be fundamentally overhauled. Renewable and natural raw materials must be used. Let’s dive deeper into a world that is characterised by harmless fashion pieces. 

Leon Adrian Habig
project:beyond the sea