The fishing hat is a symbol of outdoor fashion and a maritime atmosphere. Perfect for fishing and paddling: With its wide brim, the hat made of leathery-looking sugar kelp optimally protects the face and neck from the weather. The adjustable chin strap made of finger kelp and a stopper made of knotted kelp ensures a secure hold in windy weather. The sugar kelp offers an ideal alternative to previously existing materials such as animal leather.

Algae hats for life
Around the globe, we are already experiencing gigantic overfishing, which means the loss of livelihood for some fishermen. It is expected that overfishing will increase even more in the coming years as the population grows. But how will former fishermen earn their money in the future? Our project offers a solution: hats made of algae.
Because in areas with a strong decline of fish, algae spread faster, as they often represent one of the fish’s main foodstuffs. Regionally or exported – a hat can be used everywhere, even by the fishermen themselves.

Emilia Imberger & Yara Planer
project:beyond the sea