evolving from and returning to the sea

A blister pack as we know it only too well, cotton buds, the packaging of a lollipop and a somewhat unusual form of shampoo. These products have one thing in common: they are all made of algae. Finger kelp, alginate and screw algae, that’s all it took. The properties of algae can be used to replace packaging; sometimes it is like cotton wool and then thin and brittle, transparent and flexible or leathery and airtight. Versatile, and a light sea breeze can’t hurt any product.

Vast quantities of our plastic products end up in the world’s oceans every day. Plastic on a scale that is sometimes incomprehensible. So why not make it out of algae? Design biodegradable or environmentally friendly packaging, which can also be deliberately returned to the oceans – or to the field, because algae is a very good fertiliser…


Merle Nau & Bruno Bleschke
& Mia Hennig
project:beyond the sea