Lamp made of sugar algae – cover of the classic lamp by Ingo Maurer

While in the original handwritten pieces of paper are held and illuminated by the clamps, in this homage they are dried sugar algae leaves. The variety of colours of the semi-transparent algae creates an interesting play of light.

Light tube – Lamp made of finger kelp

The finger kelp used for the fluorescent tube-like lamp was treated with glycerine to preserve flexibility and durability. The light band used here is covered with a long strip of the algae and sewn together by hand.

Algae are unique and beautiful

With the two lamps I have made, I want to bring the beauty and uniqueness of the material algae into focus. The algae used filter and refract light in unique ways and should at least be considered in industrial design processes. The algae with its various subspecies has definite potential as a natural building and construction material.

student:Paul Matteo Wesser
project:beyond the sea