For bundling cables

Kabelöhr is a ring that makes it possible to tidy up places with a lot of power cables.
It can be connected / divided in the middle via a plug connection in order to combine several cables. On one of the halves there is a recess to fix a cable. This prevents the ring from slipping down.
Compared to cable ties, for e.g., Kabelöhr can be separated quickly, easily and without tools in order to add or remove cables.
The idea came to me when I saw my desk, or rather when I looked under it. There are many power cables hanging quite untidily through the area.
After a few small sketches, I decided to 3D print my model. The overall small size and filigree of the connection seemed to me to be quite difficult with craftmanship methods.
The casting with alginate went quite smoothly, except for a few air bubbles. After rotational casting with PU, the joint fitted without much reworking , only the surface quality left something to be desired.

Robert Oberle
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