The roto-joint

Inspired by the flexible connection of our ball joints or trailer hitches, the connector „Molecule“ was created without having a specific problem and its solution in mind. I was attracted by the precision of this connection and the question of whether such a connection could also be produced using the rotational molding process and the material available to us. In addition, the multiplications oft the connector should be able to be strung together in a row as many times as desired.
The production of a precise positive model for molding in alginate proceeded quite quickly and also produced the desired “snap” moment. After I had filled the air bubbles in the negative with another thin film of alginate, it took me a few attempts to find the right amount of polyurethane. But the first two successful connectors snapped together just as well and were also as movable as the positive model.
In retrospect, this connector would be very suitable for building lightweight, adaptable scaffolds if it could also be connected in a 90° angle. Likewise, I could imagine it in a more spherical variant as a children’s toy, from which you can „snap“ together long, movable caterpillars.

Melanie Lange
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