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The Artistic Aptitude Test for Fine Arts and Design (BA)

In order to be accepted as a regular fulltime (i.e. degree seeking) student at Burg Giebichenstein in the Diploma-programmes of Fine Arts and in the Bachelor-programmes in Design, applicants have to take an entrance test (Artistic Aptitude Test). The test evaluates artistic and design abilities and is administered once a year, usually at the end of March / beginning of  April, by our school. Applicants should be imaginative and able to think logically, they should demonstrate a special talent for drawing, and have an ability to imagine three-dimensional spaces. The test will take a maximum of three days and consists of three parts:

  • preselection procedures
  • selection procedures
  • interview

The preselection is based upon the applicant’s portfolio. In the design area some drawing exercises will be given. The portfolio should consist of a minimum of 20 works of the past 2 years. The selected works should show a variety of techniques. Sculptures and similar works can be included as photographes. Printed samples of digital work , such as a printed sequence of a video or an animation, may be included. CDs and DVDs cannot be considered during the preselection. They may be brought to the interview.

Only exception: Medienkunst (media art)
Digital work should be included already in the portfolio!

Portfolios have to be brought along to the test. Do not send in your portfolio ahead of time!

A successful preselection leads to participation in the main selection procedure. During the selection procedures a test will be administered consisting of free artistic work, drawing exercises, written exams and an interview with the selection committee. In order to pass the selection candidates must reach a minimum of 40 points out of 100 AND must have reached a minimum of 10 out of 20 points in the interview. The interview will be held in German.

Those who have successfully passed the test, may then apply to the school for the coming fall or for the year thereafter. Due to some structural changes ("Bologna - Process") all beginning students for degree courses in design will enter the Bachelor-program. Master-programs will be accepting students by october 2006. Admission regulations will be published in due time. The Master-course MM|VR-Conception is already in place. Applications follow the same time-schedule as all the othres.

IMPORTANT: The test will be administered entirely in German

It is thus strongly recommended that participants have some basic knowledge of German. The next test will be administered in April. Registration deadline for this test is February 28.  Upon registration applicants will receive an invitation with more detailed information. Those who need a visa are urged to register well ahead of time. We will then be able to provide you with the necessary invitation letter.

NOTE: For application to the Master-programmes in design refer to the Master-programmes.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

Prerequisit for admission to studies at Burg Giebichenstein is the equivalent of a German higher education entrance qualification ("Abitur").  There are applicants who have fulfilled all requirements to enter university or university in their home country, but who are not fully entitled - according to German guidelines (Richtlinien der Kultusministerkonferenz) - to directly enter a German postsecondary institution. Those applicants have to pass the so-called "Feststellungsprüfung" at the Studienkolleg.  An exception may be made for those who have passed the Artistic Aptitude Test with the additional remark "überragende künstlerische Eignung" (outstanding artistic aptitude). Those candidates are exempt from the "Feststellungsprüfung" and may enter the program directly. However, this privilege will be granted by the committee in very few cases only. Status of applicants can only be determined after the "Dezernat für studentische und akademische Angelegenheiten" has reviewed the complete application dossier. We urge you to submit your complete dossier as early as possible in order to avoid disappointments for all parties involved in this process.

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