“Beam Me Up” zum letzten Material Slam am 3. Juni im Volkspark Halle

by 28. May 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at www.burg-halle.de or join the event on Facebook.
Missed the first round? See some impressions of the first and second Material Slam.

PS For those who want to participate at the final material slam, please send a short email with your name(s) to: make(at)burg-halle.de

Symposium “Biodesign in Textiles” on May 18th

· by 12. May 2015


A very interesting Textile Symposium is coming up in the Netherlands for those who are into textiles, bio-design or… both!
You can read the full “Bio-Design in Textiles” program here or see some impressions at Pinterest.

„Torte statt Worte“ zum 2. Material Slam am 13. Mai im Volkspark Halle

· by 6. May 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at www.burg-halle.de or follow the event on Facebook.
Missed the first round? You can still check out the photos here.

Material Slam 1: Wednesday, April 29 at Volkspark Halle

· by 22. April 2015

Feel very welcome and read more at www.burg-halle.de or follow the event on Facebook.

Exhibition: Material Xperience 2015

· by 29. January 2015

Got some time during the semester break? You might want to visit Material Xperience 2015, an exhibition with the latest trends and developments in the world of materials. Material Xperience is organized by Materia and takes place from 9-13 February in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Just watch the video to get an impression of last year’s event…
PS If you are planning to go – “Veel plezier!” – and don’t forget to get a free ticket here!

The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation (Wintersession 2015)

· by 26. January 2015

Cooking the straw substrate
(Cooking the straw substrate, source: Mediamatic Amsterdam)

This year’s WINTERSESSION 2015 features workshop on “The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation” instructed by Antoni Gandia.

“Fungi are organisms that have an enormous cultural potential that we are only just starting to discover. Some people even claim that they will save the world. For Antoni Gandia (M.Sc. in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology of Plants) fungi are a source of new materials that can replace many synthetics in the 21st century. They play an important role in our food systems as well as having great symbolical value. These are the reasons why scientists as well as artists are starting to work with them on many levels.” – The workshop takes place in a clean biological laboratory supported by the GROW Platform for Art/Science Projects.

For more information and registrations (until 28.1.2015) please see the WINTERSESSION 2015 workshop program (with “The Fast and the Furious: Marker Techniques”, “Analog VJing mit Pencil Quincy`s “Magic Machine“, and many more workshop oferings for Burg’s art and design students).

Video Tip: Festival of Stuff

· by 4. December 2014

Enjoy this video summarizing a 5-day “Festival of Stuff” featuring masterclasses on the theme of felting, electronics, blacksmithing, and wood working. It ended with an Extravaganza of Stuff, where they spilled out onto Malet Place for the first time filling it with demo-stalls and making stations. They brought back some old favourites like blacksmithing and rope making, along with some new discoveries and the chance to sample our homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream.

From our friends at the Institute of Making.

Always wanted to play in a movie?

· by 25. November 2014

Burg’s Werkstattfilm is about to be updated with new materials, new machines, new equipment, new information and… new actors!

If you want to be part of this Rosenpictures production, please read more information below and reply to our friends at halbetreppe(at)burg-halle.de. PS Nevermind the deadline, you can still apply :-)


Innovation Forum “Material Matters” in Bremen

· by 18. November 2014

CCC_Material Matters_141022-EN.inddThe Innovation Forum “Material Matters“ aims to highlight and showcase inspiring, unique and innovative examples of material appliances from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland. Various disciplines are invited not only to network, but to learn from and to collaborate with each other in order to develop new ideas, products and services. This Innovation Forum “Material Matters” addresses stakeholders from the air- and aerospace industry, from maritime industries, logistics, wind energy, science and research institutions, as well as designers from different fields and the public.

Seven experts (including Burg’s Prof. Aart van Bezooijen) are going to introduce to their topics via lectures. The audience then is invited to join and take part in a discussion. Get together afterwards and enjoy inspiring talks, drinks and finger food. Feel very welcome!

Key facts
Date: Friday, 21. November 2014,
14:00 – 18:00 (Doors open: 13.30)
Location: Alte Schnapsfabrik / Raum 2, Am Deich 86, 28195 Bremen

Please register at info(at)brennerei-lab.de
More information at www.brennerei-lab.de

Material of the Month: Salt

· by 24. October 2014

Salt is a mineral substance made of NaCl molecules, representing equal proportions of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). We invite you to explore the essence and qualities of this “White Gold” such as changing taste, absorbing water, growing crystals, rusting iron and more – what would you do with it? Salt (as powder salt, salt blocks or salt water) is freely available for all students as long as our stock lasts.

Material Distribution
– Date and Time: from 30.10. to 5.11.2014 (leave your name, serve yourself)
– Location: The “Salt Lab” at the volksparksalon (Burg Gallery).