Fundamentals of Visual Art

Training in fundamental skills in the Art faculty

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Teaching tradition and experience at Burg Giebichenstein over the course of a number of political systems has resulted – despite the constancy of change – in a certain Burg-specific character that is not easy to define. Nonetheless, one can safely speak of a common thread of strong orientation towards our immediate environment, nature and social space. Perhaps this is also the reason why artistic fundamentals have always played a very significant role. In our philosophy, these action-oriented and universal fundamentals are not only the foundation for all artistic activity, but also form the basic structure for a life working in art far beyond the artist’s initial years. The level of perception and recognition increases over the years, but the basic challenges of image discovery remain the same – incidentally, this is not only true of fine arts, but of all other branches of art too. The core concern of education and teaching here is not depiction, but rather composition – with a large degree of individual sensitivity for materials, forms, dimensions and rhythms. The practical artistic training in fundamental skills is supplemented by a range of theoretical course elements such as Aesthetics, History of Art, Philosophy and Psychology.

Prof. Rainer Schade 

Sprecher der Grundlagen

Prof. Philip Gaißer
Professor für Bildnerische Grundlagen/ Fotografie
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