Hygiene in the household does not mean that sterility is healthy. It is important that we strengthen our immune system by maintaining a normal way of dealing with bacteria and germs. However, what we should avoid is creating breeding grounds for pests and vermin. These breeding grounds are leftovers of food and larger accumulations of dirt, which are not removed over several weeks.
A big problem in the removal of dirt is exactly those places that are difficult to access or even invisible to us. The dirt, which potentially serves as a breeding ground for pathogens, is also the food source for insects. With the help of the digestive enzyme trypsin, many insects are able to split all organic material. This means that an animal has optimal abilities to eliminate these breeding grounds. Through targeted DNA manipulation, it is possible to create a living being that meets our requirements for household cleaning.

The anatomy of a starfish provides the appropriate basis. This starfish moves with its tube feet, which include suction cups. In addition, these feet collect small dust particles and pass them on to the mouth. It puts its stomach over its food and emits digestive enzymes. Trypsin is also able to dissolve dried dirt. It then reabsorbs all the liquid.

If you now grab the living being between its feet, it goes into a protective position.

An injected epithelial cell forms a cyst at the anus, around which the individual solid components of the excrements collect.

They thus form a ball, which can be removed from the living being in a protective position. The colour and texture of this ball varies depending on the food.Thus one can read off a change of the food like for example mould spores.

Manifest by Clemens Schebiella

student:Clemens Schebiella