Arno Dirlewanger conducted an intensive innovation workshop with us over two days, at the end of which conceptual approaches for our further approach to the project were developed. The first piece of advice he gave us for the innovation process was to take the indirect route or the uncertain path. Treading well-trodden paths usually narrows and offers little space for new approaches.

We started the workshop with a mass-instead of-class brainwriting on large sheets of paper that we exchanged amongst us to inspire each other. We searched through this huge mass of ideas in groups of two for useful approaches and developed first concepts with the help of a form. On the second day we added further techniques, such as the extreme technique or the stimulus word analysis, and thus also further concepts. In the end, the resulting 60 concepts were evaluated and selected using the StarTrek method: Three groups evaluated each with a different point of view: Spock as the visionary, Scotty as the maker, and Captain Kirk as the responsible.

Thanks to Arno Dirlewanger

He is specialized in the conception and implementation of innovation projects, innovation workshops and implementation coaching.

2084 dirlewanger 1

130 ideas part 1

2084 dirlewanger finals

final selection

2084 dirlewanger 2

130 ideas part 2

2084 dirlewanger choices

personal choices

2084 dirlewanger 3

130 ideas part 3