a day made of algae

Algae are known as an unpleasant occurrence inside aquariums, as an annoying algae bloom at popular coastal resorts, maybe also as an integral part of nutrition in some cultures, but still they are an almost unused resource – despite their incredible variety and their ability to grow much faster than land plants without competing with other foodstuff. Some algae even bind heavy metals, others can provide important minerals or biofuels, or even produce tailor-made plastics from carbon dioxide in the air with solar energy. 
This second microbes project dealt with the question: how can we make use of this valuable raw material and not only substitute materials and products with algae but create new applications, qualities, characteristics and usage scenarios? In order to explore this question and provide innovative answers, exploratory experiments were performed alongside intensive discussions with various experts. 

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Anja Lapatsch
level:higher BA and Master