growing algae with spit and breath

„Stocks of various microalgae are available in your pantry – differing in species, metabolic by-products, growth rate, and appearance. Choose the right algae culture for your personal requirements. Three different plates provide three different growing conditions that result in three different dishes. Take the appropriate plate and inject your algae culture. Put the cultivation chamber on top to create the ideal growth environment. Spit and breathe – feed your culture with a daily dose of bodily nutrient and air supply. Over a span of ten to fourteen days of your care the seedlings grow in to a lush population. Take off the chamber and consume your dish.“

By-products of the human body are often connotated negatively but yet contain a range of usable substances. Simple organisms, like green microalgae are able to use them. In combination with light, spit and breath all conditions for microbial growth are available. A kind of symbiotic relationship emerges.


Ina Turinsky &
Andreas Wagner
project:microbes II