cooking a diverse menu with algae, 30.3.2017

To become more familiar with algae we chose the culinary way. Therefore we created an algae menu rich in variety to become acquainted with different species of algae. Algae is naturally rich in iodine, so excessive consumption may cause disturbance of the thyroid gland. We consumed them in small quantities.

The algae menu started with the distribution of different recipes. Then we formed groups of two or three people, which were responsible for cooking one recipe together.The ingredients were already bought and we could promptly start cooking in the well-equipped kitchen. First of all, the dried algae had to soak in water for some minutes. After that it was ready for further processing like roasting or mixing. Because of the high salt content we didn‘t have to use much salt additionally. The completion of the menu was the experimental algae bubbles dessert, which was produced with alginate and calcium carbonate.