tool-free manufacturing

Algycel offers a tool-free manufacturing process with short production cycles in order to produce components with customised geometries. The resulting Algycel material is very lightweight, water-, mould, and fire-resistant. It is a non-toxic alternative to some synthetic materials. After use, it can be composted and used as fertiliser in food production.

The production process works as follows:

First the desired geometry is projected onto specific microalgae that organise themselves towards light in a liquid medium. Thereby every piece can be shaped individually with different light projections – without any tooling necessary or waste being produced. Then a fungus is added which eats the algae and develops exclusively in the previously defined algae structure. Its growth is stopped by heat when the shape determined by the algae has been fully covered by the fungus. The desired shapes can be produced in any regional bio-factory.

student:Laura Pelizzari
project:microbes II