Workshop with Mirela Alistar, 4.4.2017

Mirela Alistar visited us for a workshop to teach us about the experimental cultivation of microalgae. Mirela is an internationally known expert for biochips and works for the Hasso Plattner Institute. After a short introduction by Mirela, we got information on what to keep in mind before working with microorganisms. In the next step she gave us an introduction on the standard cultivation microalgae. In the afternoon Mirela thought us how to “paint” with mircoalgae and agar on textiles and how to grow them on here.
The workshop gave us an idea about the possibilities of working with microorganisms in this case microalgae. However, we did not continue microalgae by ourselves after the workshop.

Instruction to cultivate Pinnularia SP Pennate Diatom

Instruction to cultivate Synechocystis on textile

Instruction to cultivate Synechocystis SP PCC 6803