The course

Book Art discipline within the Painting/Graphics ‘Diplom’ degree course

Focuses of this course of study

In the first four semesters, students learn a range of foundations that are important for the independent development and implementation of book ideas. Taking the content – i.e. text and images – as the starting point, suitable materials are tried out and binding techniques learnt. Drawing, composition, lettering, typography and graphics form the craft and design framework of the foundation course, while art history, aesthetics and philosophy provide the theoretical framework.

The main study period is focussed on the development and implementation of the students’ own ideas and of common projects, with advanced elements provided by targeted experimental work in the area of books and on the book as an object in all of its aspects. Seminars, workshops, and also cooperation with other institutions open up a wide range of additional directions for this course of study. Alongside practically oriented projects that treat books as useful objects and generally result in a printed edition, books are also regarded as independent art media in their own right.


General qualification for university entrance, and artistic suitability. Willingness to experiment and experience with the medium of books and paper represent good prerequisites.


‘Diplom’ degree in Fine Arts

Start of course

Winter semester, first-semester students per year: 4

Standard duration of course

Foundation course: 4 semesters, Main study period: 6 semesters including ‘Diplom’ thesis‘Diplom’ thesis: Written thesis and practical work, ‘Diplom’ colloquium


There are no university fees

University and examination regulations

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Postgraduate courses

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‘Meisterschüler (Master Student)’ course of study