Insect Dinner

After an intense workshop day and a real cold start to the project, the students longed for a relaxed and casual atmosphere to get to know each other better and get back to everyday university life.
And what better way to do that than with an insect dinner? Everyone brought insect or insect-related dishes, resulting in a truly bold and varied food selection. From silkworm soup to mealworm gnocci and mealworms fried in honey. Of course, there were also vegan options such as pumpkin soup, salads and desserts. 
The students then began to set the table together, placing the food they had brought on the table and warming up the dishes.
Before starting the meal, there was a brief introduction of the dishes.  Everyone had the opportunity to introduce their dish and tell a little about how it was prepared. The students’ creativity in using insects in their recipes was impressive and made for a colorful variety of dishes. 
During the dinner, the mood was relaxed and exuberant. The large table was set almost festively, tea lights were spontaneously organized and the students enjoyed not only the unusual dishes but also the relaxed atmosphere. Conversations revolved around the various creations and the experience of eating insects. Some were excited about the flavors, while others were still hesitant to try the insects. This diversity of opinions always made for interesting conversation.
The evening was not only exciting from a culinary standpoint, but also provided a nice ending to a long day. It helped the students get to know each other better and exchange ideas in a relaxed and unconventional way. The insect dinner was undoubtedly a very special start to the semester that not only challenged the palate, but also provided good vibes and conviviality. Certainly one of the most unconventional starts to the semester that will probably stay in our minds for a long time.

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The Insect Project
– Resilience Part I
text by:Ira Becker