Symposium future fever

“(How) can resilient products, systems and structures be designed?” – With this question, BurgLabs and The Insect Project hosted a symposium on 8 November 2023

Under the title future fever, BurgLabs and our semester project The Insect Project organised a symposium on 8 November 2023 on the topic of the adaptability and crisis resilience of products, materials, supply chains and systems in the face of current and future crises. One of the topics discussed was how transformation can become a habit and what prevents systems and people from breaking new ground, especially in uncertain situations. The role of insects in relation to resilience strategies was also discussed. Can their diversity and adaptability enable them to cope better with future crises than humans and even act as a role model for us?
Before the symposium, the students of The Insect Project were given the opportunity to present their project ideas to the invited experts and receive feedback afterwards.
Many thanks to Dr Philine Warnke (Fraunhofer ISI), Prof Dr Josef Settele (UFZ), Felix Kraemer (industrial designer) and Prof Dr Cornelia Betsch (University of Erfurt), who enriched the symposium with their contributions and expert knowledge on resilience strategies in and through design.

thanks to:

Dr Philine Warnke (Fraunhofer ISI)
Prof Dr Josef Settele (UFZ)
Felix Kraemer (industrial designer)
Prof Dr Cornelia Betsch (University of Erfurt)
part of:

The Insect Project
– Resilience Part I