Visit to madebymade

Following the DBFZ, the next stop on our excursion was the madebymade company near Leipzig.
Using organic residues from the surrounding agriculture, regional and sustainable proteins are produced in an automated plant. The larvae of the black soldier fly grow in production units consisting of nine stainless steel tubs and are then processed into high-quality protein meal and other products. On a nutrient substrate of wheat bran, the maggots grow to a total weight of 30kg per tub within the fattening cycle of eight days. The proteins and oils obtained are mainly used in the pet food industry, and the resulting by-product chitin in the form of exuviae and dead flies can be used as a biostimulant in agriculture.

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Dr. Jonas Finck
Richard Paulsen
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The Insect Project
– Resilience Part I
text by:Max Koch