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Drawing and Print discipline within the Painting/Graphics course

Teaching concept

This course of study primarily focuses on the consideration of drawing in various areas of free graphics and painting. This is accompanied by theoretical subjects, composition and an intensive study of natural forms. The aims include the ability to work professionally with the traditional graphic and printing techniques of lithography, etching, copper engraving, wood-cutting, offset and silkscreen, achieving a structured approach to personal image worlds according to intentions and backgrounds, and achieving clarity regarding the suitability of the tools used.

Conscious of the media interrelationships that now play a significant role in our everyday lives, this discipline repeatedly attracts artistic personalities for whom the specific character of drawing imagination is an important foundation for subsequent conceptual considerations or as a discipline in its own right. Drawing – which allows for spontaneous, manual work – creates opportunities for experimentation, formal daring and personal expression like no other medium can. For us, drawing is of prime importance and it is only with and through drawing, in whatever form, that intellectual development in graphics is possible: graphics that is not self-satisfied or content with coarse attitudes.

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